SNXweave Weekly Recap

Spartan Council and SIP updates

  • SIP-198: Update to Atomic Exchange Function: Allow trading at the pure the chainlink price for certain synths & remove the restriction on the Source or Destination Currencies being sUSD
  • SIP-222: Update Exchange Fee System: Modify the current exchange fee system to compound source and destination synth fees rather than simply charging the rate associated with the destination synth.
  • SIP-216: Add Indian Rupee Synth: Add a new long Indian Rupee Synth on Optimism.
  • SIP-219: APECOIN PERP: Create an ApeCoin perpetual futures market on Optimism.
  • SIP-223: DYDX PERP: Create a dYdX perpetual futures market on Optimism.
  • SIP-229: Optimism Bridge for Synths: Similar to how we currently deposit or withdraw SNX from L2, synths will be transferrable using the optimism bridge. Initially, only sUSD will be enabled for transfer.
  • SIP-230: Universal Circuit Breaker: This has been approved and is in progress.
  • SIP-203: Volume Source Fee: This is code-complete and is being prepared for audit.
  • SIP-208: Debt Migration: There is some ongoing discussion about this SIP, as the team is still figuring out the winding down of V2X.

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Covering all things Synthetix.

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SNXweave Weekly Recap

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