SNXweave Weekly Recap

Spartan Council and SIP updates

  • SIP-184: Dynamic Exchange Fees - This SIP affects both Futures and phase 2 of v2x. The Core Contributors are working hard to get the code through hopefully this week.
  • SIP-193: Refactor SystemSettings into Library to reduce contract size - This SIP has been approved and is code-complete.
  • SIP-196: Remove Centralized Oracle - This SIP was voted on last week and approved with all 8 Council members voting in favor. It is currently in audit.
  • SIP-199: Add SOL Synth on Optimism - This SIP was also approved last week with 8 votes in favor.

Grants Council

Ambassador Council

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Covering all things Synthetix.

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Covering all things Synthetix.

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SNXweave Weekly Recap

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